Excelsior Brewing Co.
421 3rd St, Excelsior, MN 55331, USA


May 15 2021


4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Prince/Led Zeppelin Tribute Show

Jacuzzi Puma formed December of 2015 in Minneapolis, MN.  We played our first show at Lee’s Liquor Lounge on a cold Friday night, and we haven’t looked back. Our mission is simple; Amidst cathartic dancing and pointer/pinky/thumb in the air rocking out you suddenly scream at your dancing partner “I can’t believe they’re playing this song!”
Imagine you grew up in the early 80’s but ever time you got in your mom or dad’s car you listened to the music they were listening to.  For us, that was often Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, The Who, etc.  Of course as we all grew up, we took on our own personalities and dug into plenty of other bands and sounds, but our roots are cemented in that classic hard rock and groove sound.Tent Party Details & Rules:

  • TENT PARTY – All guests must be 21+ to enter
  • Tickets Required for live music seating
  • Tickets are good for 1 show. NOT for the entire day.
  • Must Purchase your tickets at excelsiorbrew.com
  • Entry to tent will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of the show
  • All parties must leave tent 15 minutes after the show.
  • We will have a beer trailer with 8 beer offerings on tap.
  • Each ticket ($120) is good for your group of 6 people
  • Must have 6 people per table (we want to make sure the tent is full for the artists and to enhance the experience!)

The event is finished.