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Find Our Brews
In The Wild

In Your Favorite
Restaurants & Bars

Excelsior beers are available on tap at fine establishments all over the Twin Cities. If you don’t see us on the menu, please ask them to consider bringing us in. Big Island Blond pairs nicely with a burger, pizza or just about anything. Hop Waves Juicy IPA is a full flavored compliment to any meal or happy hour.

In Your Local
Liquor Stores

A variety of Excelsior brews can also be found in your local liquor store, including our seasonal releases and samplers. Our year round offerings of Big Island Blond, Hop Waves Juicy IPA, Bridge Jumper IPA & Bitteschlappe Brown Ale should be in your local cooler. Seasonal offerings such as Rip Rap Peanut Butter Cup Stout, A Day at the Peach Sour and fruit variations like Big Island Apricot Blond are also available throughout the year.