A Day at the Peach

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This year-round kettle sour, brewed with peaches and a touch of ginger, will quench your thirst for a beach state of mind—be it January or July.

  • Medium-bodied, smooth, dark ale
  • Flavor of caramel in the finish
  • Robustly malted with lots of Vienna malt, lightly hopped with German hops
  • Very easy drinking—brown is a color, not a flavor
  • Aroma of toast with fresh ground spices

Specialty ingrediemts
Greek Yogurt

Suggested Pairings

  • Mussels and other seafood with a squirt of fresh lemon, egg dishes with creamy sauces or vibrant cheeses, cioppino and gumbo, brats with mustard
  • Aged brie, blue, fatty mascarpone, feta
  • Panna cotta with fruit sauce, strawberry cheesecake, peach tart, apple crisp, California citrus fruits
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