Big Island Blond

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Big Island is the preeminent tie-up spot on Lake Minnetonka. Friends you know well and friends you have yet to meet, joined together by rope to build something great. Crafted with a careful balance of malt and hops, this smooth, biscuity blond ale represents everything there is to love about craft beer. Refreshing, flavorful and easy to enjoy.

  • Savory herbal biscuits
  • Effervescent, bright mouthfeel
  • Clean finish
  • Aroma of bread, cereal and Grape Nuts

Target, Glacier, Hallertau Mittlefru

MCI base malt, malted wheat, Light Munich

Suggested Pairings

  • Grilled chicken, crisp salads, salmon, bratwurst
  • Monterey Jack, brick or similar light, nutty cheese
  • Light apricot or mandarin cake, lemon custard tart
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